Welcome to the Lepidoptera Course 2014!


Tentative schedule:

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Jennifer Bundy (Arizona)

John Brown (Smithsonian)
Importance of Lepidoptera (PDF)
Introduction to Microlepidoptera (PDF)
Microlepidoptera Lab (PDF)
Overview of the Butterflies (PDF)
Overview of Tortricoidea (PDF)
Systematics and Nomenclature (PDF)

Richard Brown (Mississippi State)

Marc Epstein (CDFA Sacramento)
Digging for Dyar
Overview of Zygaenoidea

Chris Grinter (Denver Museum of Nature & Science)
Basal Lepidoptera
Collecting and Observing
DNA Barcoding
Insect Photography
Overview of Pyraloidea
Spreading Microlepidoptera

Ray Nagle (U Arizona)
Anatomy and Histology of the Lepidoptera
Arctiinae of Arizona

Bruce Walsh (U Arizona)